Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kick off

The last two days of EPS classes were very busy. We had a new lecturer - David Ashworth from Nottingham who did a couple of sessions about project management. For me this was entirely new material, showing design process from completely different angle. Before, whenever we were asked to draw our design process we were simply naming the stages (research, brainstorming, idea generation, idea selection...) and then organising them in relation to each other. Here, we were asked to plot them against time, estimate the effort and the resources needed to complete each one, and assign the roles within the group. I believe this was very useful exercise that helped us to foresee how much work do we need to do. It also gives a complete structure to our project.

Classes with David required working in the teams. As on Thursday we were still waiting for some lecturers to come and do their presentations, many students were still undecided. Fortunately, there was enough people interested in project concerning accessibility, so we formed two groups - one, that will develop something for blind people, and another designing for senior citizens. I'm in the second group. We have 5 members - Anne, Remco and Eva from Business and Management background, and me and Lisa who are studying Design.

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Steph said...

Hello. I didn't realise you had a blog! I had a look at my followers, which i usually forget about, and I found you! Hello. Hows things going?
What are your begining thoughts for designing for senior citizins?