Saturday, October 18, 2008


I didn't have much time for blogging recently, because the Valencian life has been very intensive last days. But from now on I'll be posting more often, as I have to start researching for my dissertation. It will be the hard task, as in Valencia, there are not many resources available in English, so I mainly have to rely on the Internet.

So, for the update from recent days I'd like to write about the trip to Andalusia I have made with a couple of friends from here. Last Thursday, there was a local holiday in Valencia, so we had 4 days off from studies. That's why we decided to spent this time travelling.

First 2 days we've spent in Granada, which is lovely city, situated at the foot of Sierra Nevada mountains. The city is mostly famous for the Moorish palace Alhambra, which architecture is just stunning. All the walls are decorated with oriental patterns (arabesques) and stucco which lets the sunbeams shine through them. It makes them look a bit immaterial. Together with ubiquitous fountains and the exotic nature it all looked magical. I can remember from my history of art studies, that the fountains were there not only for decoration, but also they sprayed the perfumed water... Oh, I can imagine, 500 years ago, Sultan sitting there with his hundred wives and servants, dancers, artists, tigers, parrots, oriental music, drinking, eating, smoking... It must have been a paradise on Earth...

Well, so the next day we moved to Malaga. Actually, we were staying outside the city, in the small town next to the Mediterranean sea. Malaga wasn't that great when it comes to architecture, but it had vibrate night-life (vida nocturna). But for me, the most memorable point of this part of journey was when we went on the beach. The wind was very strong and the sea went wild. I have never seen as huge waves as those. I reckon they were greater than 2 meters. Some people went to swim, but soon they regretted it.

Generally, the trip was a nice experience, both cultural and social, and it gave us the chance to get to know each other. But now I really have to start working hard.

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