Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have moved to London for summer to look for some job or internships. This means a lot of interviews where I am trying to 'sell' myself and impress people.

Design interviews are new to me and they surprise me to be honest. One was taking place on the rooftop and when it started to rain was moved to a ping-pong table. The other in children's library (I loved it!). Those weren't unofficial - informal chat with jeans and tee-shirt member of staff. This made me quite relaxed and confident, so when I went to Hasbro yesterday I was expecting similar... Well it wasn't. On the other hand it was very corporate and white-collar. Before I had to complete a personality test and the recruitment process is divided into 2 stages - interview and then one-week life project for selected five.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Japan - The Strange Country

I found this simple 10 minutes graphic video that presents a bit sarcastic (sometimes drastic) overview of present Japan. It has been created by Kenichi Tanaka.

Japan has been always puzzling me. On the one hand there is the traditional side - beautiful huts, cherry blossoms, geishas, kimonos and all that uncommon things that I would really love to see... but on the other hand Japanese culture scares me with manga, hello kitty, loud dance machines and streets like those from Lost in Translation... I mean I am far from judging a country that I have never been to and culture that i haven't experience but somewhat I agree with the author - Japan is a strange country.

When I was a child my grandparents brought me a present from their trip to Japan - it was a lollipop. It was a clear, see-through, sugar cube with a 2cm long, and fat, yellow worm inside. It was real. Strange country.

via spoon-tamago