Saturday, November 1, 2008


Funny, YouTube on it's main site recommended me to watch this video and it turned to be very interesting and so true. I don't know how did YouTube know I would like watch this one. Modern technology amazes me...

It's a talk of Larry Lessing about the copy write law, we have nowadays and which doesn't really apply to the internet reality and it makes everyone a pirate. I think I am a pirate. I'm never 100% sure when I post some content in the Internet if it's legal or not. For example when I copy my friends pictures from facebook and post them on fotolog, is that steeling. Well, they are in the internet anyway... And all the downloading... everyone does it.

I remember the other day, we wanted to go out in the evening with some of my Polish friends and we had to wait for one hour for Meggi who is addicted to House and had to see the new episode that was aired on TV that night. Everyone was quite annoyed and we said to her why didn't she download it from the internet so that she could watch it the other time. Then Meggi said she can't do that because it's illegal. Everyone gave her a weird look and laughed. It sounded so ridiculous. I think no one treats this law seriously.

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